Fireblade Publishers, at your service

If you’ve visited our website, you’ll already know that Fireblade Publishers’ name comes from the fact that we consider our clients to be part of our team, because, without you, there is no us. To put it simply, we are not a publishing company – you are the publisher, and we are a publishing services company.

Fireblade works with individual authors, traditional and self-publishing companies – anyone who needs a publishing service can hire us.

We work on practically anything, from fiction to non-fiction, to poetry, professional business publications, short stories, anthologies, and private manuscripts or memoirs that you only wish to share with friends and family. However, we will not work on manuscripts that contain bestiality, rape, incest or sex with minors in cases where these things are encouraged or portrayed as erotic.

Over and above our paid services, as a gift to you to ease the financial costs of publishing, we will soon be providing myriad DIY guides and author resources, many of them for free, to assist you in various aspects of the writing and publishing process, and will soon have others on sale at reasonable prices.

About Fireblade Publishers

Fireblade’s managing partners are 100% hands on and are, therefore, wholly dedicated to ensuring complete client satisfaction.

Fireblade’s partners and freelancers have extensive industry experience, many are published authors (some traditional; some indie) and have run writers’ critique guilds. Experience has taught us how to easily meet writers’ individual needs and adapt our services where necessary in order to meet those needs, and our head editor has been referred to as an ‘empathic editor’ by one happy author.

We also, of course, keep client information 100% confidential, and will never share your work or use it as samples without your express written permission. Marketing-related sharing is excluded, for obvious reasons, though we will only assist with marketing when the writer has informed us in writing that he or she is ready to share the manuscript with the world (this can also be for pre-publication marketing).

Fireblade Publishers’ Services

We realise that most publishers and authors require a variety of services, and find it more convenient to use one service provider for everything. We try to accommodate our clients in every way possible, and, in light of this, Fireblade attempts to offer, either directly or via our partners, a full range of book-related services.

If the service you need does not appear under the list of services on our website, please don’t hesitate to query it – if it’s not a service we’re able to provide, we will attempt to source a partner/freelancer who can, and who meets our partner/freelancer criteria.

Our services include:

Manuscript proofreads, edits & critique
Book cover design
Author & character interviews
Book promotion & marketing
Ready-made author websites
Press releases (writing and/or editing of)
Press kits
Personalised novels & short stories
Ghost writing

Our partners’ services:

Manuscript formatting for print novels and ebooks (Darla Mittler Document Magic)
Audio books (Darla Mittler Document Magic)
Book trailers (Darla Mittler Document Magic)
Free interactive writers’ resources and tools (Vanessa Finaughty Books)

For more details on each service, or to learn more about us, please visit the Fireblade website.

Follow this blog so you can be the first to hear of our monthly specials, and for competitions, helpful articles, writers’ resources and writing tips, to find new reading material and much more.

We look forward to hearing from you!

About Fireblade Publishers

Fireblade Publishing is a one stop publishing service that approaches every aspect of the publishing process with passion and dedication.
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