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Every indie author who promotes his/her book/s knows how hard it is to find websites that will promote your books for free no matter where you’ve published. In light of this, we’ve compiled a short list of some free book listing websites that we’ve had a look at. At the time of posting, these sites allow you to list your books regardless of where they’re published, and they accept all genres.

E-Books Directory (free books only)

Fireblade Publishers is in the process of sourcing and compiling a comprehensive list of free author promo websites and some out of the box ideas. This will be published once it’s complete, for the affordable price of 99c (a small thank you from purchasers for our time spent researching the book).

A chapter will be dedicated to virtual book tours. If you participate regularly in book-, writing- or publishing-related blog tours or would like to, please email the below email address to request your blog to be added to our ‘book tour bloggers’ listing in the ebook. Please include a short bio, avatar (100 x 100) and a link to your blog. Authors who purchase the ebook will then have a handy list of bloggers ready and waiting (subject to bloggers’ availability on a case by case basis, of course) to participate in blog tours, and bloggers gain additional exposure for their blogs.

Free promo opportunity: If you promote your books on any other author promo or book listing sites (as long as it’s free to promote), we’d love to hear about them. If we include your suggestion in the ebook, we’ll credit you for sourcing the site, and include a link to your author page, book purchase page or a social media page of your choice. Please email your suggestions to

About Fireblade Publishers

Fireblade Publishing is a one stop publishing service that approaches every aspect of the publishing process with passion and dedication.
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