Think Positive, Part 4: The Real Law of Attraction

“Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it. ~ Ernest Holmes”

The universe gives you what you think about the most. This is why the rich tend to get richer while the poor usually get poorer – the rich continuously think about having abundance and the poor continuously think about not having enough. Happy people think mostly about pleasant things, and unhappy people generally think about negative things. Hence, happy people attract good things for the most part, while unhappy people are liable to attract bad things.

This doesn’t mean that we should have no tolerance or empathy for those less fortunate – not many realise that this is the way of the universe and that it really is this easy to mould your reality with your thoughts. In fact, even knowing it doesn’t make it easy (in the beginning). Society also teaches us to think in a negative manner: the war against terror (not: peace for all), the war against drugs (not: drug-free), anti this and anti that, terror, terror, terror – and much of the global news is bad news, focussing our minds on all the negative aspects of society.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. ~ Napoleon Hill”

There is nothing you cannot do. Your thoughts are a mighty, unstoppable force. Whatever thoughts you send out, the universe will pick them up and send you those things. Think of your thoughts as your signals to the universe stating what you want. The universe, which is not self-aware, doesn’t understand complex human emotions and psychology, hence if you want riches, for example, don’t think about how sick you are of being poor. All the universe hears is ‘poor, poor, poor’ and that’s exactly what your reality will be. Rather, think about how nice it will be when you’re rich (when, not if) and this reality will manifest in your life. In fact, think about how nice it is to be rich, present tense, as if you’re already rich. Allow yourself to feel gratitude and joy, and remember that wealth isn’t all about money – there is wealth in joy, in a beautiful day or in a tasty meal, in every experience, all around you, all the time. Focussing on wealth in all aspects of your daily experience enables the financial wealth to flow to you faster.

You can train your mind to be aware each time a negative thought enters, then focus on something positive instead. It takes patience and a fair amount of time if you’re not a natural optimist, but it is possible. The best part is that, once your mind is trained, thinking positive will be as easy as remembering to breathe.

If something bad happens, don’t focus on it; rather, visualise the situation turning in your favour. You could very well make it happen, but, again, keep in mind that it might take a while.

To help you, it’s a good idea to write or type out positive affirmations or motivational posters and put them up on a wall or somewhere else you’re likely to glance at them often. This helps to pull you back into a more positive mindset when you’re feeling low, and the positive feelings induced will give you an energy boost and renew your self-confidence.

Some examples of positive affirmations are:

Life is Good

Everything I Touch

My Life is Blessed

Feel free to print the above posters for your wall and, if you would like a larger version to print, please download the Think Positive ebook from Smashwords once it’s published, in which you’ll find myriad more of these. (To be notified when it’s published, please follow this blog via email.)

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