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Morning, fellow Smashwords authors!

As discussed on the Facebook group, A Smashwords Book for Everyone, we will be pinning one author’s book to the top of the group’s page for three days, after which another author’s book will be pinned for three days, and so on. Due to the fantastic response the group has received, the large number of members and how active all members are, we feel it’s a good idea to showcase each author in turn so everyone’s book has a chance to not sink into obscurity too quickly.

How it works

Post a link to your book’s Smashwords page in the group, then post the same link as a comment on this post. Please note that books must be posted as a separate post in the group, or they won’t be pinned.

Each book will be pinned to the top of the group’s page for three days. Authors who list their books under the comments here, please tick the ‘notify me of new comments’ option on this post – once your book is pinned, we will reply to your comment here to let you know.

Books will be pinned in the order of comments received.

Remember that it’s vital to first post your book (or that of your favourite Smashwords author) in the group before listing it here, as it has to be posted in the group in order to pin it to the top of the group’s page.

This offer will continue indefinitely, so please feel free to post your book here at any time.

You may post more than one book as a comment here, but please limit it to one book per week to give others a chance too. (You may still post more than one book on the Facebook group each week.)

Tip: submit your freebies for pinning if possible – readers love free books and it’s a great way to introduce readers to new authors without having them spend a cent. If you do post a free book in the group, remember to include a short note stating that it’s free.

To keep it fair, Fireblade staff members who are also Smashwords authors will only post our books here from next week, so others have a chance to be showcased first.

We’d like to keep the comments on this post limited to strictly book links for the pin, so if you have any queries, please email Vanessa on

Readers: if you read a book and enjoy it, please consider leaving a short review for the author. We value your feedback more than words can say.

Thank you all for supporting the group and each other, and happy reading!


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54 Responses to Smashwords Authors – Pinned for 3 Days

  1. Thanks for this great promotion. I’m plugging my flagship novel while I write the sequel …

    Natalie Tereshchenko is an insecure, subservient young girl in the royal household, but as events unfold, she finds inner reserves and grows in confidence and stature.

    Natalie was born just after the turn of the twentieth century in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Unknown to her, her father was a member of the Russian royal family, a duke, related to the Tsar, but her mother was a simple working woman. At first, Natalie’s mother received financial support from the duke, but when he was killed in Russia’s disatrous war with Japan, she took the infant to the Empress Alexandra, wife of the Tsar, who accepted responsibility for raising Natalie.
    Through her childhood, Natalie had many of the privileges of the royal children, and received a good education, but she missed the love that the other children enjoyed. When she was old enough, she began to work as a maid to the Empress, and soon found resentment from the other staff because of her relationship with the family. As a result, she had only two friends, the servant twins Polina and Rada.

    She is unaware of her unusual position until she is visited one night by an angel, who tells her of her link to the family. The angel, Myriam, also warns her of the dramatic social changes about to engulf the household.

  2. jessica064 says:

    A beautiful collection of heart warming poetry. by Scott Borgman. A must read,

  3. jessica064 says:

    Here is wonderful work by Michael Phoenix for the three day book promotion
    Thank you so much. I wish everyone continued success. Fantastic group!

  4. Here is my entry for the three day promotion:



  5. Will Holcomb says:

    Thanks for doing the three day pin. It’s a great idea. I have just added my book :”The Infinite Jeff” to the “A Smashwords Book for Everyone” FB page. The book is part of Smashword’s Summer promotion so it can be bought for 50% off with the code: SSW50.

  6. Thanks for this great promotion! Here is my entry for the 3 Days Pinned!

    “Illuminating the Twilight”
    This work is freely given and has particular value for those traveling through the end of life. A scan of four thousand years of extant literature reveals that the emotional experiences of dying individuals has always been and continues to be the poetic expression of the human body itself. This project showcases the wisdom literature found in the collective voices of our human ancestors

  7. Can I add my book ‘A Song For Joey’ to the “Pin for three days” promotion, please? It’s currently £2.99, but will be free for a month on this coupon … TZ22P … Thank you kindly ❤

  8. Aneza Lee says:

    Here’s my submission for the three-day pin: The Harpy Chronicles – The Namari Book I – a FREE epic fantasy novel. Please leave a review if you enjoyed it!

  9. Legends of Origin 1: Sanctuary for the Devil – a FREE sci-fi fantasy novel. Reviews appreciated if you enjoy the read 🙂

  10. The Interview Thanks for the promotion and the Facebook page, I’ve seen a lot of traffic because of it!

  11. toniplaisir says:

    My book for pinning, thank you!
    Mind Matters – a FREE erotic humour novella –

  12. Paula Liebe says:

    All of July for free through Smashwords; all 3 books of The Queen’s Trilogy. Don’t be fooled by the computer’s category matches. These are not about biblical studies, hahaha! Alright I do mention Mary Magdalene a few times. But that’s because I mentioned her describing my past as a high class escort!

  13. ladyhawk101 says:

    Entry for the promotion. Lawless Justice, a vigilante thriller.

  14. Hello! Here’s my entry for the 3-day promotion. “Juarez” is available right now on Smashwords for FREE. Thanks, Vanessa, for creating this opportunity.

  15. Carol Moye says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. My book, PsaIms in the Key of my Life, is a collection of reflections on the first 50 biblical Psalms.

    Free until July 15th. Use code: HB58N

  16. Entry for three day promotion:
    Authors: K. Russell DePriest & Adam DePriest

    Use coupon code “XK88N” for a $0.99 copy.
    If you promise to provide a review, then a coupon for a free copy will be provided.

  17. Hey, there! Here’s my entry for the three-day promotion:

    Thanks again! I’m so pleased that this group is giving us so many opportunities to get our names out there and connect.


  18. Good morning all at Fireblade and the Facebook page. Here’s my entry for the Pinned For Three Days promotion, and I wish eveyone all the best with this idea.
    Liz Mills

  19. Free Flash Horror Liquid to awaken the taste, while the rest of my work has great summer discounts 🙂

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