Think Positive, Part 6: Tools to Assist You

“We can learn to move into the unknown with the confidence that we have a guiding force within us that is showing us the way.” ~ Shakti Gawain

We’ve put together a list of tools to assist you in your quest to be a positive thinker and change your reality. We hope you find these tools useful, and would love to hear from you if you know of other tools not mentioned here.

Visualisations for positive thinking

In Part 4 of Think Positive, we provided three examples of good visualisation posters to remind you to think positive. Below are another three that you’re welcome to print for your personal use.

Affirmation 4

Affirmation 5

Affirmation 6

Making your own affirmation posters is easy using AutoMotivator.

Some affirmation ideas to include on yours are:

  • I am strong and decisive
  • My life is a path of endless growth
  • I am meant to do great things
  • I have it all
  • I have the power to transform my life
  • I focus on what is truly essential

Vision board

This can be a whiteboard, blackboard, piece of cardboard or even a few A4 pages taped together. The main thing is that you should have a space on your wall near your desk, somewhere you happen to look often. Your vision board should contain pictures of what you want in your life – your dream car, your dream home, images denoting peace, happiness and prosperity, and so on. If you want to win the lotto, stick a big lotto ticket up there. If you want large cheques made out to you, add your name and the desired amount to an image of a blank cheque made out to you, and add it to your vision board.

Start your day watching at least one of these empowering videos

The Secret to You… A Gift from the Secret Scrolls

The Secret Riches Visualisation Tool

Start your day meditating

Below is an example of a good meditation that relaxes you and places you in a calm state of mind, enabling you to deal more easily with anything the world throws at you each day.

If you are hungry, eat something light. Go to the bathroom. A full bladder or empty stomach will only serve to distract you.

Find a place where you will not be disturbed. Put on some light instrumental music if you like.

Sit comfortably with your palms up.

Breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. Place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, just behind your upper teeth.

Close your eyes.


Empty your mind. Any thoughts that may impinge on your consciousness should be acknowledged, then quickly released. Let them float away. Remind yourself that there is a time and a place for everything, and this is not the time or place for them. (This is a good mantra for trying to get to sleep at night, too.)

Visualise streams of twinkling star light cascading down onto your open palms. Feel the energy of the universe flowing into your hands. Enjoy the sensation of the love of the universe filling your arms and shoulders and washing down through your body. Revel in the cosmic rays as they energise your entire body. Through your chest, into your abdomen, down your legs and into your feet.

Now slowly repeat the word ‘ohm’. Draw it out as long as possible. Call it forth from deep within. Feel the soothing vibration resonating from deep inside. Outside intrusions and unwanted inner thoughts are swept away and kept at bay by repeating ‘ohm’.

While you continue to chant ‘ohm’, feel the warmth, joy and love of the universal life energy swelling inside you. Feel it rise up your neck and fill your head. Bask in the bliss, peace and serenity.

Continue repeating ‘ohm’ until you are completely calm. There is no need to rush. ‘Ohm’ should last an entire out breath.

Now be still. Silent. Make note of any ideas or impressions that come to you. With practise, you will find these are quite helpful. Allow yourself to slowly return to normal consciousness. Stretch. Have a glass of juice or water and go about your normal day.


When you’re feeling down, hug your dog, cat or a random person. It’ll make you both feel good.

Keep a wealth or good life journal

This is a journal in which you write all the things you’d like in life, in present tense as if you already have those things. ‘I have my dream car’, for example. It’s another form of affirmation. Read at least some of your journal once a day to remind yourself that these good things are already on the way to you, and be sure to include pictures of your dream house and dream car, etc. to make visualisation easier.

Listen to uplifting music

Research has proven that singing can create or improve good moods. Find a song that inspires you and listen to it each time you start to feel down or overwhelmed. Close your eyes and let the words wash through you or sing along – whatever feels right. The song that never fails to inspire me is Russel Watson’s Faith of the Heart.

De-clutter to de-stress

Toss out or give away anything you don’t use anymore. Getting rid of unused clutter makes room for the new, wonderful things that will soon be coming into your life.


Nothing beats stress and increases overall health and well being like some good old fashioned cardiovascular exercise. For a quick de-stressor, dance or jump around on the spot each time you feel like choking someone or punching a wall – note: if you work in an office, you might have to first lock yourself in a toilet cubicle to avoid the men in white being called to take you away. If you have the time, join a gym, take a regular walk (if you have a dog, double it as ‘doggie-cise’ and take your furry friend with), or find some other form of exercise such as tae bo, dancing, swimming, volleyball or whatever takes your fancy. Even spring cleaning the house is good exercise, with the added benefit of de-cluttering at the same time.

Live Your Life

This website offers additional easy tools to help you to stay positive no matter what.

“Never look at the visible supply; always look at the limitless riches in the formless substance and know that they are coming to you as fast as you can receive and use them.” ~ Wallace D. Wattles

This brings the Think Positive series to a close. We hope you’ve found these articles helpful.

We have compiled this series of articles into one handy ebook, free of charge, due to be published at Smashwords on 29 July 2013. The ebook version will also include some additional visualisation tools, affirmations and quotations to assist you in your journey to ultimate fulfilment.

Think Positive_thumb

If you have any methods of staying positive that aren’t already mentioned here, please share them via the comments on this blog. We’d love to hear them!

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