Fireblade Publishers’ Gift Vouchers

What better gift to give an author friend than a gift voucher for the publishing services of his/her choice?

Most authors are well aware of the value of a professional edit and proofread, a striking book cover and an eye-catching author website, amongst other things. However, these services can be pricey if you want a dedicated service provider (as opposed to the fly-by-nights who will provide you with as little as they charge you). Fireblade Publishers offers gift vouchers specifically for our publishing services, and these can be redeemed for any service provided by Fireblade. They can also be used as a ‘discount’ if the services required cost more than the voucher amount.

All our vouchers are in South African rands, are non-transferable and are only redeemable once, for one quotation (which can include more than one service). Fireblade discount vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue, and cannot be exchanged for cash.

About Fireblade Publishers

Fireblade Publishing is a one stop publishing service that approaches every aspect of the publishing process with passion and dedication.
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