National’s Women’s Day Special Discounts

National Women’s Day, which falls on 9 August in South Africa, is the commemoration of the same day in 1956, when 20, 000 women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act of 1950. These brave women, many of whom marched with children on their backs, left bundles of petitions containing more than 100, 000 signatures at Prime Minister J.G. Strijdom’s office door. They faced massive opposition in staging the march, yet, against all odds, they succeeded in delivering their message.

Today, women around the country celebrate the day as a symbol of feminine strength and determination. Aside from being mothers and homemakers, women have stepped into high-powered business roles and have mustered the strength and determination to juggle, with grace, a variety of roles in everyday life. Contemplation of these elements led me to think about the role of women in the world of words that is so much a part of my everyday life.

Aside from being mothers, wives, aunts, sisters, nieces and daughters, women have also embraced the roles of chef, nurse, dietician, personal shopper, scraped knee repair woman and laundry expert. Amidst these shining examples of thankless tasks that so many of us have undeniably taken for granted, we also find those brave women who have become renowned authors, poets, editors, proofreaders, publishers and dreamers extraordinaire.

These amazing women have fired our imaginations with tall tales that lift us above the realm of the mundane and transport us into worlds beyond our wildest imaginings. Without them, our lives would be a little less bright and beautiful. They weave for us tales of fantasy, horror, drama and pure science fiction, with a dash of romance and erotica to spice things up. To them, we owe a debt of gratitude for stretching our imaginations. Women bring a unique flair to everything they touch, and we all have that one thing that we do better than most because we make it our own.

This blog post is a tribute to not only the pioneering female authors amongst us, but also to the countless woman who perform a thousand thankless tasks each day, to prepare their magical words for purchase in bookstores or for viewing on our e-readers. This is a thank you to the editor who goes that extra mile by putting in those late night hours to finalise a manuscript. It’s a thank you to those women who tirelessly do the horrid job of formatting for authors, it’s a thank you to the thoughtful office assistant who puts on a pot of coffee to keep that midnight oil burning and to all the wonderful folks who work behind the scenes to provide us access to the wonderful world created in books.

To those who know and love a lady author, take a moment to think about the fact that, despite all the demands she faces in her day to day life, she still makes the time to weave magic for us with her words. Take the time to appreciate all the strong, wonderful women in your life today for all they do. We at Fireblade Publishers are amongst these women and we have made it our mission to help authors, men and women alike, to bring their dreams to fruition. Let me say that it has been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to embark upon this journey, and to be able to bring my words to you today.

We would like to wish you a happy Women’s Day from Fireblade Publishers. As a special gift to all authors in commemoration of this day, we’d like to offer you the following special for the remainder of the month of August: 15% off our editing and proofreading services for all male authors as a thank you for supporting the women in your life, and a whopping 25% discount to all lady authors – because this is your month.

About Fireblade Publishers

Fireblade Publishing is a one stop publishing service that approaches every aspect of the publishing process with passion and dedication.
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