South of the Border – A Virtual Assistant Mystery

Greetings and salutations on this lovely morning. Recently, it has come to our attention that, while in some cases we enjoy an excellent working relationship with overseas authors and agencies, in other cases, some balk at the idea of working with service providers who are not local. By local I refer, in most cases, to working in the same country, and in others I refer to authors who are put off by the idea of using an editor who does not live specifically in their state, or even their local community.

I’ve always thought the convenience of having a virtual assistant who is available online is far more attractive than someone who works from a traditional office setting. This makes it so much easier to fire off an email in the hectic bustle of our lives. It seems that some would rather have Jeeves fire up the Rolls to meander through rush hour traffic to get to an office across town to discuss a specific point about their manuscript. Does it really matter that your editor (or other service provider, for that matter) is not locally situated?

What if your local editor is third rate, but the editor in the next state (or one country over) is excellent and comes highly recommended? Are you still going to go on the assumption that local is best? Why search out virtual assistants and then expect them to be locally available? Does that not defeat the entire point? Why be a part of the global network at all if we are going to take such a narrow view of the convenience of internationally available companies? Naturally, it makes sense to use a service provider who speaks your language, so other than the language barrier, what criteria do you use to select a service provider?

Have you ever passed over a service provider for the simple fact that they did not reside in your state or country? We have to wonder if the fact that you would have to convert payment into a different currency is an issue. When all is said and done, working with an overseas service provider is likely to save you a pretty penny due to the exchange rate, dependant on which country your service provider is located.

As an example, Fireblade Publishers charges in South African rands. This means that US clients, who would pay in hard-earned dollars, are going to have to convert their dollars into our local currency, and, with the current exchange rate of ten to one, they would be saving when compared to using a local service provider. Your one dollar is equivalent to ten of our rands – what a bargain for you!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter, so please feel free to comment

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