Creative Tools – Part 1: Generators

Most writers know that it’s far better to use your imagination and come up with original ideas than to adapt others’ existing ideas. However, most writers need some outside inspiration now and then. While real life situations and real people are often a deep well of inspiration, sometimes it just isn’t enough and writers need a little extra inspiration.

With this in mind, we’ve sourced a few handy creative writing tools to help get your muse back in action. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably scorn the idea of using a generator, but I can tell you that they often spark new ideas that you may not have otherwise had, so they can be helpful even if you don’t make use of the ideas generated.

Seventh Sanctum
This is the best creative writing generator I’ve come across, geared towards fantasy writers. Seventh Sanctum offers character generators, character name generators, being and creature generators, magic generators, world and setting generators and more.

Plot Scenario Generator
Generate an event that starts the story, and a secondary conflict to help progress it.

For more creative writing generators, visit Fireblade Publisher’s Generators page. Please share what inspires you by commenting on this post – there are myriad sources of inspiration in this world, and we’d love to hear what your favourites are.

Keep an eye out for Part 2: Creative Writing Prompts, next week, 3 February 2013.

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