Creative Tools – Part 2: Creative Writing Prompts

Following the week before last’s post, Creative Tools – Part 1: Generators, here are a few creative writing prompts we felt might be useful to some authors.

Thirty-seven Dramatic Situations
According to Georges Polti, all stories can be broken down to just 36 dramatic situations (37, according to someone else). If you’re lost for ideas for your next plot, these may help, and this link can be quite an entertaining read in itself.

The Story Starter
Generate the first sentence of a story. This is a good for a laugh and could spark some interesting, fresh ideas.

For more creative writing prompts, please visit Fireblade Publisher’s Creative Writing Prompts page. If you know of any prompts that aren’t already listed on our website, please share them with us by commenting on this post. We’d love to include your favourites on our website.

For other creative writing tools, please visit Fireblade Publishers’ Creative Tools page on our website.

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