Why it’s Vital to Read if You Want to Write

Writers should always keep in mind that it’s blatantly obvious to most readers if you do not read, particularly if you’ve never read a book since high school. We’ve listed just a few of the common errors made by writers who don’t read. These are perfect examples of why it’s vital to read if you want to write.

If you are tired, you are worn out, not warn out.

You wonder about something. You wander to somewhere.

You can go back somewhere, but you cannot go buck somewhere (well, not without funny visuals).

When there is no noise, it’s quiet, not quit or quite. You quit when you stop doing something, or are quite (very) something.

You do something once, not ones.

Have you read a really funny error in a published book? Please share it with us (minus the book’s title and author name, please; we aren’t trying to embarrass anyone here).

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