The Importance of Linking to Your Book Online

Commonly known as backlinks, inbound links or incoming links, links to your book purchase pages and author website are more important than most authors realise.

Sure, the majority of us know that the more places potential readers can find our links, the more likely it is we’ll gain new fans. However, did you know that it can increase your author website and book purchase page ranking in Google and other search engines? This means that, when web browsers search for new reading material via a search engine, they are more likely to find your books amongst the millions of others out there. Let’s face it, most of us don’t look past Page 1 or 2 in search engine results, since we usually find what we’re looking for on the first two pages, so it’s vital that you do everything in your power to ensure your books come up in the first two pages.

The more relevant websites that contain links to your author website or book purchase page, the greater importance Google will assign to your pages. It’s that simple. Note, however, that you cannot place links to your site/purchase pages on websites that have nothing to do with books, as Google then sees this as ‘link farming’ and will penalise you so that your website sinks into obscurity until the end of time.

Backlinking to your book purchase page and author website takes time and effort, but it’s well worth it.

Tip: add the link to your book titles or author name, rather than to the word ‘here’ when giving the download link. This enables Google to better index your book, thereby gaining you a better page rank.

Where can I post backlinks?

There are many places to post backlinks online. Be as creative as possible. Some ideas to start you off include:

* Your blog

Each time you publish a new book, share the link on your blog in an announcement post. Also include images of your covers that are linked to your book pages or author website, so readers can find all your books at a glance without having to sift through old posts.

* Online press releases

Include a purchase link and a link to your website in each press release in which you announce a new book or any other related news.

* Writers’ forums

Some writers’ forums allow you to include a link to your book purchase page and author website in your forum auto signature. Be sure to check the forum rules before including this information, as some will ban you for doing this. Most writers’ forums also allow you to share links to your work on the relevant boards.

* Free book listing websites

There are many websites out there that offer authors free book listings, some for free books only, and others for any book. For their ease of use, we recommend:

E-Books Directory (free books only)

If you know of any other book listing sites (as long as they are free and do not limit authors to where they are published, such as some sites that only give free listings to Amazon authors, for example), please let us know at

* Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts 

Include links to your author website and book purchase page in your social media profiles, and advertise your new releases via these accounts.

* Book reviewers’ website and blogs

Most book reviews include a link to authors’ website and purchase pages when they post reviews, so be sure to submit your book for review to as many reviewers as you have time for. Don’t forget to first make sure that the reviewer concerned accepts unsolicited submissions and reads your genre, or your request will probably be ignored (if you’re lucky).


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