Magic – Fantasy or Reality?

In celebration of the upcoming Wizard of Ends release, Fireblade will be sharing tour posts on our blog for the duration of this month. I hope you find the posts entertaining and fun!


Today’s tour host is TC Southwell, who will be sharing an interview with me. Hop on over there to learn more about me and the Wizard of Ends fantasy novella series.

Magic – Fantasy or Reality?

magic_blogThere was once a time when I would have said that most people believe magic to be a thing of fantasy and mythology, and nothing more. However, in today’s world, the percentage who believe in magic as a real phenomenon cannot be so easily calculated, as the number of believers has grown considerably, yet magic is not generally accepted as real. Are people who believe in magic nuts, or is there something to it?

There are many who believe that magic is real, but misunderstood. It is not, they say, like it is in the movies, where sorcerers hurl fireballs at each other and turn people into toads. Rather, it is subtle and…

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