Writers’ Forums

Most writers have little free time on their hands between work, writing, family responsibilities and the general frenzy of day-to-day living. This means that writers have to allocate time wisely in order to gain the most benefit from anything they participate in.

With miniscule amounts of free time to spare in between writing, marketing and daily life, is it really worth your while as a writer to join and participate in a writers’ forum?

At Fireblade, we believe that yes, it most certainly is.


Writers’ forums give authors increased exposure.

Writers’ forums focus almost exclusively on books, writing and anything related, and can be a valuable resource if you find the right one.

Writers’ forums are a good way to make industry contacts – from other writers to editors, beta readers and reviewers, cover designers, new fans and more.

Writers’ forums help you to get your work out there to the right audience (readers join writers’ forums too).

Writers’ forums give writers a greater chance of peer reviews.

Nobody knows everything, and a writers’ forum is a place where you can ask language- or plot-related queries and get answers from other writers, editors and others in the industry – not the average Joe Soap who possibly can’t spell properly or perhaps doesn’t even read.


Being a member of a writers’ forum will take up more of your valuable time.

Of course, joining a writers’ forum doesn’t mean that you’re obligated to post every day, or even every week. As long as you treat it much the same way you’d treat Twitter or Facebook, for example, and give yourself a set amount of time according to your schedule, it won’t cut into your writing time or daily responsibilities all that much.


About Fireblade Publishers

Fireblade Publishing is a one stop publishing service that approaches every aspect of the publishing process with passion and dedication.
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